ReCharge - Organic CBD COFFEE 🔋

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With acute hints of apricots & legumes as the foundation, The Yuniverse private reserve, ReCharge, features a single bean Arabica medium roast Sumatran blend that provides a euphoric experience & fruity taste to help manifest creative juices. 



Key Info 💡 

  • Feelings:
    • Focused, Alert, Balanced
  • Location: Sumatra, Indonesia 
  • Purpose: Confidence in social settings and Creativity
  • Process: Wet pulled, dried in sun ☀️ 
  • Altitude: 1300-1700m
  • Vibe level:
  • Total CBD per Bag
    • 105mg (4oz small)
    • 315mg (12oz large
  • Total CBD per Cup:
    • 8.75mg (4oz small) 
    • 10.5mg (12oz large)
  • Servings per bag:
    • 12 cups (4oz small)
    • 30 cups (12oz large)

*Broad spectrum made from hemp-derived CBD & contains 0% THC* 
American farmed hemp Independent lab tested Vegan friendly